Hi there! It’s Haley Haxton here. I fell in love with extensions 10 years ago and became obsessed with the confidence I was able to bring to the women in my chair. Now, that's all I do! Modish Salon has been exclusively using these very extensions since 2018, and now, it's finally your turn! Our salon specifically specializes in dimensional color & Invisible Bead Extensions. Together, our stylists have 80 years of experience combined! Mod is Modishs’ baby, and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on it.

My mission is to be able to support other stylists with sourcing the most long lasting hair for their clients. As a fellow stylist, I understand that your reputation behind the chair means everything to you and using the most reliable, luxurious hair is key to success. 

All Mod hair extensions are micro wefts, this is a hybrid between hand tied wefts and machine wefts. They lay even flatter than hand tied hair, but can be cut on the seam like machine wefts! It's our secret sauce & we have been exclusively using micro wefts for the past 2 years and we have noticed our guests' hair lasting months longer than your typical hand tied extension weft. Our guests are active, go swimming and live in humid climates, micro wefts allow them to live life and not have their wefts swell. We believe just how hand tied hair was the new 'it' factor just 5 years ago, now these micro wefts are your new 'it girl'!